Thursday, October 14, 2010

October Flowers at Market

Here are the other bouquets from the week.  For the customer who wants to paint white flowers, I saw some gorgeous deep purple peonies, and I asked when the white ones would be in, and the word is in about a month.
My personal favorite
Table centerpieces

Tribeca Flowers of the Week

Here are this week's flowers out and about in the neighborhood.  If you like any of these and would like to purchase something similar, please email me at  I am conducting a special promotion to share my flowers. The prices of these floral arrangements range from $75 to $200 and delivery is free in Tribeca and Soho.

Flowers to Brighten the Day

How can flowers like this not make you happy?  As a very special promotion to get the word out about Coco Tribeca, this floral arrangement, or something very similar, can be delivered to your home or business in Tribeca or Soho for $100. Delivery included.  Offer is good through Monday, October 18th.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lush Flowers


Something magical happened with this week's flowers. These pictures are of the just-baked bouquets. Later today I'll post the pictures of the flowers at Estancia 460 and other establishments in Tribeca.

Those beautiful purple flowers are carnations.  Yes, carnations. I might have to help bring them back into vogue.