Friday, October 1, 2010

Fun with Sunflowers

These are so goofy but beautiful. Isn't it great when flowers make you laugh. They combine a bit of fall with a bright green of spring. It's a perfect transition. I have more of these if you'd like one. $25.00 for a bouquet only (no vase) delivered in the neighborhood. $40.00 for two. This Saturday only.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

October Weddings Up!

Word heard at the market today: this October is a huge wedding month and from the sound of it, October 17th is the big day for many. Overheard: florist begging to get an order in for October 15th.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Word About Roses from the Corner Market

It's so easy to fall in love with the roses as you pass the corner market. The life of a rose is a hit or miss. I'll bet that more than once you've wanted to return those wilted, petal-falling flowers on day two. Here are a few of my un-scientific tips for choosing flowers -- or they choose you I'm sure -- at the corner deli. 1.) If there are pink rose petals at the flowers clerk's feet, don't buy pink roses. They've just been pruned. 2.) Smell the roses. They'll either smell good or not at all (which is good) or they'll smell funny. No need to define that; you'll know. 3.) Look at the little green leaves surrounding the bulb. If they have fallen away from the rose and are dangling below in a curly fashion, pass if you can. And in line with that tip, squeeze the rose slightly. You'll know garden mush when you feel it. It should feel "meaty" I read on someone's blog.

Flowers in Tribeca

There are several, although not many, vendors of flowers in Tribeca. I see folks gather outside of the markets trying to figure out how to put the various flowers together. One interesting away to approach this is to buy the bouquet they have pre-wrapped for you, along with one or two bunches of other flowers. Then, when you get home, separate the multi-flower bouquet and between those flowers and the other bunches, you can make yourself many arrangements. It's always nice to have bedside flowers and something in the bathroom. And don't forget if you work at home or have a work area, place a special flower near you. My mother always said, "No matter how broke you are, always find a way to have flowers."

Pumpkin in Water with Flowers holds up

This is a different picture of the pumpkin and flower in the horizontal vase. I've been told I need to work on my photography, so next time, I will spend less time designing flowers and more time photographing. I am a big believer, though, of being "in the presence" of flowers to fully experience them on all sensory levels. This is merely a photograph of a design, which on some level is art in and of itself. And clearly not my specialty as of yet!