Saturday, March 12, 2011

Even Dead Flowers Can Look Fabulous

So here are the spray roses that I prepared for Deirdre's jewelry showing almost one month ago!  How beautiful are these flowers dead!  I am shocked actually.  She did nothing with them.  I am learning that I am pretty good at picking out flowers (especially winter ones) that last for weeks and weeks and look perfectly fresh, dead.

Spring Flowers. Period.

I went into major orange and yellow flower mode this week.  After I arranged everything, I realized how much I missed all the other colors!  I was sorry I didn't get any deep purples or blues.  I guess I was needing sunshine.  Here are some spring arrangements.

Spring Flowers and Poppies!

I just can't get over how happy poppies make me. They are wacky flowers, unusual in how they open and emerge from their shells, and rare in their paper-thin petals.  And mostly, I think, I like the stems: they have personalities, don't they? 
The flowers to the right are beautiful too -- more pictures forthcoming -- but poppies are just so much fun.  I'll also post more pictures of the poppies tonight or tomorrow with all of the blossoms open.  Spectacular colors.