Saturday, September 25, 2010

Review of Estancia on Yelp Mentions the Flowers!

"beautiful and unique fresh flower arrangements." Thank you, whoever you are. Next week's theme will be a totally modern style, but not cold and austere. I will be looking for warm colors and while clients are requesting "those squirrelly-branches," I will do everything I can to avoid them. I have to research it further, but I believe that "dead" florals were introduced in the 80's. My mother, upon receiving her umpteenth dead bundle of leaves, said "I gave them tickets to the football game and all they give me is bunch of dead roses hung upside down? I'd rather have no roses than dead ones," as she tossed them in the garbage.


  1. That's a cute story :) And true... your arrangements are very "living"...very alive...

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