Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Word About Roses from the Corner Market

It's so easy to fall in love with the roses as you pass the corner market. The life of a rose is a hit or miss. I'll bet that more than once you've wanted to return those wilted, petal-falling flowers on day two. Here are a few of my un-scientific tips for choosing flowers -- or they choose you I'm sure -- at the corner deli. 1.) If there are pink rose petals at the flowers clerk's feet, don't buy pink roses. They've just been pruned. 2.) Smell the roses. They'll either smell good or not at all (which is good) or they'll smell funny. No need to define that; you'll know. 3.) Look at the little green leaves surrounding the bulb. If they have fallen away from the rose and are dangling below in a curly fashion, pass if you can. And in line with that tip, squeeze the rose slightly. You'll know garden mush when you feel it. It should feel "meaty" I read on someone's blog.

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